Scientists in the USA Found the Best Antidepressant

If you experience constant stress, are depressed or tired of everything, try more often … have sex.

Scientists from the University of South California came to such conclusions.

As it is not surprising, but it is regular sex life that is the best prevention for the development of psychological problems or depressions. Sex has a similarly positive effect on the male and female body, but men often should have this pleasure.

A man who has sex every day has a high level of testosterone and the hormone of endorphin happiness. Thanks to this, the state of health and all internal organs remains normal and the probability of occurrence of psychological problems is minimized. But for women, sex is very important.

Scientists have found that women who experience orgasm at least once a month are 60% less likely to depress and stress. It is also noted that to raise the spirits of sex should be not only permanent, but also high-quality. To this end, partners should experience to each other not only bodily agitation, but also emotional sympathy.