Robert De Niro Leader of Honorariums in the Series

It’s no secret that Robert De Niro is a great actor, on the account of which there are a lot of fascinating and interesting films.

Nevertheless, in recent years, the work of acting not in the movies, but on television, has brought increasing glory to the actor.

As it turned out, in 2017, Robert De Niro became one of the leaders in the rating by the size of the fee for shooting in the television series. According to available information, for 1 day shooting day in the new series, whose name is not yet disclosed, the actor earned up to 775,000 dollars. Undoubtedly, even considering the celebrity of the actor, this figure looks impressive.

For comparison, the TOP-actors of the “Game of Thrones” series, which at the moment is considered the most popular in the world, receive 500 thousand dollars for 1 episode. As for the highest-paid movie actors, this year Mark Wahlberg won first place, which managed to earn more than $ 68 million for this year.