Mark Wahlberg Earned $68 Million!

The profession of a Hollywood actor is very highly paid in the modern world.

Nevertheless, a simple inhabitant does not even think of the figures that actors earn today.

For example, this year, the Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg became the leader of the Forbes list in terms of royalties and income for filming in the movies.

According to the magazine, in 2017 the bank account of the actor was replenished by almost $ 68 million. This huge amount of money Wahlberg could earn for working in several box-office films. Most of the income he brought to shooting in “Boogie Nights” and “Shooter”.

Without a doubt, this year was really successful for the actor. To date, he is among the most sought-after Hollywood actors and his fees for filming in the movies and television series are increasing exponentially. According to the artist, he does not intend to finish his career and promised many interesting prime ministers in the very near future. Recall that last year the leader in this category was Duane Scala Johnson.