In New York City Can Remove Monument to Christopher Columbus

Mayor Bill de Blazio said that the present moment is considering the theoretical possibility of demolishing the monument to Christopher Columbus, who is in New York.

It’s no secret that the “Columbus Statue” has long been causing extraordinary emotions among city residents and public figures.

In particular, it is often said that Christopher Columbus himself was a man with ambiguous social views. That is why, the presence in the city center of the monument to this traveler has very good reason to be an insult to many people who have certain ethnic differences. It is noted that in addition to Columbus, such a fate can be grasped by another famous monument.

This is a statue of the famous physician James Sims, who was a great specialist in the field of surgery, but applied very severe methods of treatment. For example, there is information that he performed operations on female slaves without using anesthesia to bring out certain new methods of treating illnesses.