In New York, an Art Exhibition for Dogs was held

Do you think that only people can enjoy beautiful objects of art? To refute this view recently tried in one of the art rooms in New York.

A few days ago there was an unusual exhibition, visitors of which were … dogs.

This seems surprising, but most of the exhibits presented at this exhibition were intended for our four-legged friends. It is noteworthy that most of the paintings that were present at this exhibition were executed in a blue or yellow palette.

As the artists themselves say, this choice was not accidental, because the dog’s eye can best distinguish these colors. The peculiarity of such an exhibition was also the works that distinguished a certain pleasant for dogs smell, or useful substances for their health.

Despite the unusual nature of the exhibition, the number of dog breeders who wanted to visit it was very large. Many owners note that even for them a visit to such an art object has become very interesting and informative.